Avast the largest cybersecurity company, is known for its free antivirus software. It has many features and is highly effective against malware. The company also produces premium software that provides additional protection like the use of a VPN and a password manager. Which plan is best for you? This article compares Avast’s premium versus free plans to determine which one is the best option for you.

Avast Ultimate Multi Review

Avast’s strong anti-malware engine achieved a 100% detection rate in my testing. Its web security is also extremely effective — it caught websites that were phishing and slipped through Chrome and Firefox default security. The advanced anti-tracking feature and other tools can be useful. The suite’s sandboxes and over at this website file reputation scans help you run suspicious documents safely.

While Avast’s UI is user-friendly, its data-sharing practices and lack of parental controls are some negatives. Luckily Avast has a good refund policy.

Avast’s subscription options include the Basic, Premium and Ultimate packages. The Premium package comes with an in-built sandbox to test suspect files. The Ultimate version also comes with a performance optimizer for your PC and a password manager. Avast’s Premium plans provide a decent VPN. However it has a very limited data limit and does not have a no-logs policy. Avast remains one of the best antivirus programs despite the shortcomings. The interface of the program is user-friendly, and most of its major features come with brief explanations which explain their purpose. The application also comes with an option to search that lets you find the settings you need.

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